Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Have you ever?

Have you ever wonder what is the meaning of purpose? What's the ultimate purpose of your life? 

Is it to chase after the vague or self determined vision? In life, at times the urge or conviction is so great that we thought this is what I want. As time goes by, the conviction, urge seem to falter. 

Uncertainty arises. Reevaluation and reassessment did not conclude anything. 

Till then, I need a new conviction. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Secure Leaders can take the heat

Just read a very interesting article about insecure leader - it states that a leadership position becomes an amplifier of personal flaws. This statement appears to be very true as when there is a negative baggage that we are carrying in our life, it only gets more difficult to bear when we are trying to lead others, in many ways.

Several common traits:

1. They don't provide security for others: We cannot give what we do not have.
2. They take more from people than they give: Insecure people are on a continual quest for validation, acknowledgement and LOVE. Because of that their focus is on finding securing, not instilling it in others. They are also primarily takers rather than givers, and takers do not make good leaders.
3. They continually limit their best people: An insecure leader cannot genuinely celebrate his people's victories.
4. They continually limit their organisation: When followers are undermined and receive no recognition, they become discouraged and eventually stop performing at their potential.

Having said about all these points, few points struck me deeply. Especially the first two points, am I being insecure? Am I on a quest to seek for validation, love and so on? The answer is probably yes these period. James, hustle up and get back on shape!

To those who still reads this blog, ask yourself, are insecurities hindering your potential as you lead others? 

Leadership comes in many forms, be it in family, school place, university, work place, even in a relationship.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Will you Splatter or bounce?

Life, is never always smooth sailing. When we were young, we had to sit for exams, PMR in form 3, SPM form 3, pre-university exam, a long lists of exams before we have obtained the scroll.

In these stages of life, there are good aspects and bad. It is really up to us to define these precious stages.

How good are the good aspects and how bad are the bad ones? The key to this is to focus on the good and learn to live with the bad. Of course it is not easy to do that.

There are two kinds of people in this world when it comes to dealing with discouragement: splatters and bouncers. When splatters hit rock bottom, they fall apart and stick to the bottom. However, when bouncers hit bottom, they pull everything together and bounce back.

So my question is, why are there still many people who fail? It is because they simply quit.

All of us will become discouraged at some point, so are you going to give up or get up? 

Monday, April 1, 2013


The power of mindset is unthinkable.

It builds and it breaks too. It affects us in ways we cannot imagine.

Pessimism, it led to dull and a very pessimistic views on everything.

Optimism, possible. Possibility will be the thing that we could see in everything.

So, what dictates optimism or pessimism? It'd be our thoughts. The very fundamental of mindset. Everything starts from mindset. If our mind can be positive or stay positive and ward off all negativity. Life will be a very different life.

Let the optimism begins in us by living life with happiness.

On the other note, Jesus has laid down his life for us, sinners and He's risen yesterday thousands years ago and sitteth In the heaven.

All Glory to God!


Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Wedding. 7 October 2012

On this special day, they tied the knot, vouching to love each other, care for each other for eternity. It was a privileged day for me to witness the matrimony.

Nonetheless, it was a meaningful time with Michelle & the family too! Short sleeping hours, to prepare for the big day. I see a lot of effort that were put into it!

After two days of the hectic moments, all I can say is.. I still feel very very happy for the new wed couple. Congratulations Ricky&Sooling!

Of course, Michelle and I had few good shots too!

Saturday, August 25, 2012


The success of an organisation often does not depend on the leader alone but the subordinates, past leaders and all the past efforts that have made the entity a successful one which many, fails to notice.

A statement which I have posted on Facebook not long ago. Yes, The great wall of China is not built over a night. The same goes to any successful organisation that is on the surface of the globe.

For example, AIESEC, a youth driven organisation around the globe which is present in more than hundreds of countries in the world. Did they make it over the night? or over a term? 

A successful company, Shell, Ernst & Young, Deloitte, etc. none of those companies shines over a short period of time. 

However, many fails to notice what had been paved before them. People only notice what they can see now, which is what is happening now. A deeper view can seldom be sought  nor seen by them. 

The same principle applies to every single organisation. Be it a high school Red Crescent Society, University Student Council, and many more. 

All we need, is to have people to see what lies beyond